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April 13, 2009, Filed under: — Nick Papanotas @ 3:04 pm

Social whale is a privately funded start up from Greece. Founded in 2009, Social whale aims to extend twitter’s popular microblogging platform to include additional features like groups, tagged favourites and many more. Our intention is not to create a new twitter client but create an extended version of twitter which will be able to collaborate with other twitter applications as well.

Where did the idea come from?

Being twitter-holics ourselves, we realised that twitter is not just a “microblogging platform” any more. These days people use twitter in many different ways and for different purposes. This kind of use creates the need for more features. Many projects have already attempted to fulfil this need but using a very different approach than ours. Twitter on the other hand won’t be adding these features – at least they shouldn’t – as this would make twitter hard to understand and use for its regular users.

Our idea is simple at its base. We create a clone of twitter’s API and then extend it, so that it has more features. This way twitter can continue being as simple as it is now, but advanced users can use our implementation in order to have the features we offer. Developers can easily update their applications to work with our extended API using the same requests in our domain (instead of twitter’s) and get the same data, enriched with the extra information that we provide. This way we actually have created an extension of twitter itself.

When will it be open for public?

At the moment we are at private alpha testing phase in which only a few twitter users are invited to use our application in order to gather some feedback on it. If you would like to participate please follow us on twitter, and we will send you an invitation the soonest possible.

Alternatively, you can simply subscribe to this blog’s feed to be updated when we have something new to share with you.

Who is behind this project?

Social whale is a service inspired by Nick Papanotas, a Greek web entrepreneur and financially backed up by angel investors from Greece.

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