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Introducing Social Whale 2.0

May 27, 2011, Filed under: Social Whale — Nick Papanotas @ 5:37 pm

After a long time of brainstorming, design and programming we finally got to a later stage of development for the new Social Whale. This release is not final and in fact there are still dozens of features to be added.

The purpose of this release is actually to expose our new philosophy and see in action whether this is what community needs.

The basic aspects are:

1. Speed

We had to reimplement the whole thing in order to speed up the client. After all social media is about real time updates so we had to invest a lot of our time to that direction.

2. Channels

This new thing is actually the core of our client. People use to connect with networks, but as social media goes mainstream more people have issues organizing their streams.

Our goal is to connect you with people and subjects of interest and this will happen with the help of the Social Whale Channels.

Still we have a lot of work to do in that direction, but this early release reveals parts of our philosophy.

We would be more than happy to hear from you, so feel free to comment here or drop us a line.

Show off your social world with the new Social Whale profile

September 30, 2010, Filed under: Features,Social Whale — Tags: , — Nick Papanotas @ 5:30 pm

Wouldn’t you like to have all your social activity in one place? We would. That is why we created a new and powerful Profile page.

The Profile page lets anyone who has a Twitter account to gather all his social activity in a single page. See our profile to get the idea.

Our new service supports all major social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr. From the Settings page (look for the gear icon at the top) you decide which networks you’ll include.

Furthermore, you can add your photo, a short bio and your own website, in case you have one. Actually, there are dozens of things you can do there.

You can enjoy Profile page in many ways, but we think there are also plenty of reasons to promote it as a professional tool.

Your profile is already live and it can be found at: (where “twitter_username” is a Username on Twitter of course).

Now, start by connecting to Social Whale then visit your page and start editing your details.

We hope you’ll like this new service the same way we do. See you there!

Twitter redesign, and the quest for the perfect UI

September 20, 2010, Filed under: Social Whale — Tags: , — Nick Papanotas @ 2:22 pm

Recently we have seen the redesign of Twitter, a very interesting release which actually gives a very good idea of how a social media site UI should be.

The new Twitter design seems to solve many problems and it mainly makes the site browsing easier and faster. On the other hand we think it is somewhat incomplete and there’s room for improvement in certain areas.

In the following weeks we are going to release a new UI in Social Whale, on which you may see our ideas become reality.

In the meanwhile feel free to tell us your thoughts on this. Every idea is more than welcomed :)

Social Whale Search

September 10, 2010, Filed under: Features,Social Whale — Tags: , — Nick Papanotas @ 2:58 pm

Today we are starting with a series of releases that will lead to the public beta version of our application. The first release is our new social media search engine which you can use to search in real time several social media services such as twitter, facebook, flickr, tweetphoto, vimeo and youtube. The service works in real time, and for those who want to post status updates while they are searching a term there is also a post widget available on screen (when you are logged on with Social Whale)

At this moment the new service is available to just a few beta testers, but later we will make it available for everyone. You can use the new feature here, and leave comments in twitter by using the hashtag #whalesearch.

Social Whale mobile interface

May 18, 2010, Filed under: Features,Social Whale — Tags: , , , — Nick Papanotas @ 4:10 pm

Three weeks passed since our latest release, which was also in the mobile field. I am reffering to our mobile widget for the Vodafone App Star competition in which by the way you can still vote for us, as we are one of the contest finalists :)

Today’s release is about our mobile interface which let you interact with all your favorite social networks through your iPhone, Nexus One or any other web enabled mobile interface you are using to browse the web. You can see for yourself in our mobile version.

As always, let us know if you experience any problem or if there is something we can do to make your mobile experience better.

New homepage design

March 5, 2010, Filed under: Social Whale — Tags: , — Nick Papanotas @ 8:24 pm

As you may know – or guessed – our team consists mostly of developers, which is cool as for the features that we can deploy, but it is really bad as for the presentation aspect of our work. So in the beginning of this year we hired one of the most talented web designers in Greece, Yiannis Konstantakopoulos and the first result is our new homepage. Later Yiannis will help us with the UI of our service and especially the new mobile client that we are developing, so stay in touch for more :)

In the meanwhile please take a minute and tell us how do you like our new homepage.

Now you can do even more with Social Whale (applications release)

December 28, 2009, Filed under: Features,Social Whale — Tags: , — Nick Papanotas @ 3:18 pm

We’ve just released a major update to Social Whale, the applications. The applications is a set of tools which you can use to have a better twitter experience without having to use several third party apps that you can’t trust and without the hassle this involves. At the moment there are eight apps but we are about to add much more in the near future.

Here are some of the most important applications that we have at the moment:

Feed reader

With our feed reader application you can integrate Social Whale with your google reader account, and get new rss items as status updates.

Google Translate

When you activate this application, a new icon will appear in the statuses area which you can use to translate tweets in your language

Ignore Users

Some times you don’t want to get updates from a user for some time. With this application you can ignore this user’s tweets for as much as you want.

Post Later

Schedule status updates in the future. A really important feature for marketers.

Remove Spam Tweets

Bored of getting those “Get 400 followers per day” messages in your timeline? With this app you can ignore them once and for all

You can check our youtube account for videos demonstrating those new apps and we would like to hear your opinion on these applications. In case you have an idea for a new application let us know.

Best wishes for the new year that is in front of us :)

It’s all about status updates

November 30, 2009, Filed under: Features,Social Whale — Tags: , , , , , , — Nick Papanotas @ 5:30 pm

SocialWhaleIn the social web, everything is about status updates. It is very cool how easily people from all around the world can share news or anything that matters using social media services, but yet the real time web becomes a serious time waster for the social media fans out there as it is so hard to keep up with so many services in real time.

I don’t know many people who don’t have at least three social media accounts, and the majority of my friends have at least 8 accounts on sites like facebook, myspace, twitter, etc. (I know my friends are geeks like me :) )

Anyway for the Social Whale team social media rehab is not an option so we thought to solve the “real time web” problem with another way. We call it “social media integration” and it is actually a feature that allows you to interact with twitter, facebook, myspace, linkedin, friendfeed and identica from one place (you are guessing right, this place is social whale)

At the moment our service allows you to get status update streams from all the above services, and gives you the ability to post status updates to any of them, or just all of them at once! Of course there are still many things to get done but we are looking forward to have your feedback before expanding our service even further. So if you have any comments or suggestions please let us know. After all Social Whale is a community site and without your opinion it is no fun at all.

We hope this new feature will be welcomed by all of you.

[official press release, image credit]

LinkedIn integration

November 25, 2009, Filed under: Features,Social Whale — Tags: , — Nick Papanotas @ 5:45 pm

Yesterday LinkedIn announced that they are opening their platform for business. Today we have added integration with their service. That means that you can now use Social Whale to update your status in LinkedIn (along with twitter, facebook, myspace and identica) plus you will be able to read status updates from your friends. The last one is a feature that is available only to a few alpha testers but it will roll out to all our users very soon.

To use the new feature just go to the “Settings” from the bottom menu and connect your account to a linkedin profile.

Social media integrations

Using twitter’s lists is now possible with SocialWhale

November 9, 2009, Filed under: Social Whale — Tags: , , — Nick Papanotas @ 6:48 pm

A few days ago twitter announced user lists, a feature that let’s you organize better the people you follow. This new feature works similar to SocialWhale’s lists but as it is much more promising than our own version – even that there are still many things to get done in twitter’s side to make it more funtional – we decided to replace our lists with the ones provided by twitter.

Do you already use SocialWhale’s user lists?

In order to keep the update process better for the users that use our user lists, we have added an import tool that will allow you to import your social whale user lists to twitter. Next time you will login with our service a wizard will start the procedure.

A few things to get done later

In our user lists implementation you could view the lists that a user appeared directly from your timeline stream. Now this is not possible as it requires several twitter API calls (you can only do 150 API calls per hour) We hope that twitter will give us a solution on that later and we can get things back to normal.


Bellow is a video demonstrating how lists work at the moment. Let us know if we can make this any better for you :)

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