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Social Whale now uses oAuth

June 24, 2009, Filed under: Features — Tags: , — Nick Papanotas @ 12:15 am

Recently we decided to use oAuth with our service in addition to the basic login system. To login with oAuth, just go to the login screen and click on the “Continue with oAuth” link. After clicking the link you will be redirected to twitter and you will have to allow the Social Whale application to use your account in order to continue.

Please notice that the oAuth login feature is still experimental – even the oAuth protocol itself is under development – so please let us know if you have any problems while using this new feature. IMPORTANT: The oAuth implementation we use now is using cookies. That means that your session will never expire, so in case that you are using it from public pcs, make sure to logout before exiting your browser.

Social Whale alpha release

June 17, 2009, Filed under: Social Whale — Tags: , — Nick Papanotas @ 5:45 pm

We are very excited to announce the alpha testing release for the Social Whale service. During this testing period we will allow only a limited amount of users to use the service so if you want to participate just follow @SocialWhale at twitter, and we will send you an invitation the soonest possible.

This release aims to help us find and fix as many bugs as possible, and see how the application scales in production state. Still there are many features that are not implemented, but the service is full functional. If you are participating in this testing release please post any feedback to the social whale group, or send a dm to @SocialWhale.

If you want to check some early screenshots from our application click the photo bellow:

social whale screenshots

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