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Using twitter’s lists is now possible with SocialWhale

November 9, 2009, Filed under: Social Whale — Tags: , , — Nick Papanotas @ 6:48 pm

A few days ago twitter announced user lists, a feature that let’s you organize better the people you follow. This new feature works similar to SocialWhale’s lists but as it is much more promising than our own version – even that there are still many things to get done in twitter’s side to make it more funtional – we decided to replace our lists with the ones provided by twitter.

Do you already use SocialWhale’s user lists?

In order to keep the update process better for the users that use our user lists, we have added an import tool that will allow you to import your social whale user lists to twitter. Next time you will login with our service a wizard will start the procedure.

A few things to get done later

In our user lists implementation you could view the lists that a user appeared directly from your timeline stream. Now this is not possible as it requires several twitter API calls (you can only do 150 API calls per hour) We hope that twitter will give us a solution on that later and we can get things back to normal.


Bellow is a video demonstrating how lists work at the moment. Let us know if we can make this any better for you :)

Social Whale now has user lists

September 3, 2009, Filed under: Features — Tags: , , — Nick Papanotas @ 5:37 pm

A new feature that many of our users asked has been just released, user lists. With this new feature you can group your friends to lists and then fetch custom timeline feeds.

For instance you can create a list with your close friends and when you need to know what are they doing you can just check without visiting every individual’s account separately. This may be handful for people that have many friends in twitter.

Bellow is a video that demonstrates how user lists work. Hope you will enjoy this new feature. More are coming soon :)

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